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Ensure your physio is registered

Is your veterinary physiotherapist registered with an official governing body?.

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Firstly I would like to welcome you to my blog which will discuss relevant information and scientific research with regard to veterinary physiotherapy.

I'd like to start by making you aware of the importance of ensuring your vet physio is insured and registered with an official governing body.

“A person can call themselves a physio after a two week training course ...... is this something that you want for your loved one.... horse or dog.”

I'm sure the answer to that question is no, however very few people check out their vet physio's credentials.

There are several Associations which pride themselves in representing professionals working in animal therapy and health care. This ensures the highest standards of veterinary physiotherapy care will be delivered to animals by linking scientific knowledge and clinical practice. Members will have studied and attained either an Advanced certificate, Post Graduate Diploma or an Msc in veterinary physiotherapy. To find out if your vet physio is registered you can simply google Associations such as: IRVAP (#IRVAP), NAVP (#NAVP), RAMP (#RAMP) or ACPAT (#ACPAT) and search for your therapist.

In short, ensure your vet physio has the correct qualifications, carries appropriate professional and public liability insurance and works in accordance with current legislation alongside your veterinary surgeon.