• Paul Hodgkinson Vet Physio

Kinesiology taping for the horse

Updated: May 2, 2021

Kinesiology tape is shown to be extremely useful after a workout, intense training sessions and competitions as it helps improve blood flow and supports musculature regeneration after it has been strained. It also works on proprioceptors which can help to facilitate body awareness and balance.

Rehabilitation periods can be shortened as kinesiology tape boosts general circulation.

Muscular issues.

Whether muscles are hypertrophic, hypertonic, hypotrophic or hypotonic, kinesiology tape can help improve the blood flow in the musculature. This allows muscle cells to recover better and more efficiently. Depending on the musculature it is possible to help the muscles with two suitable applications to either activate or relax the muscle.


A swelling can be brought about for many different reasons but whether it is fluid filled legs due to being stuck in the stable over winter, lymphatic swellings, lymphangitis or a haematoma, kinesiology taping promotes circulation which can help reduce many forms of swelling. The tape helps to enhance the outflow of fluids and waste products from the area.

Trigger points

The kinesiology tape has a lifting/decompressing effect on the underlying tissue which can help reduce local tight spots and even eliminate them altogether.

Tendon injuries

The kinesiology tape is known to promote circulation which in turn helps promote regeneration. Circulation to the damaged tissue will be stimulated through the tape which will enrich the area with oxygen and nutrients which is required for tissue regeneration.


Due to the outflow of waste products helped by the lifting effect of the tape, space is created in the underlying tissues. This helps to relieve the pressure from the pain receptors in the area to allow pain relief to set in.

This just gives you a small overview of how taping can really help after a treatment, it's something that I now use on many of my clients horses to great effect. Although I found myself initially questioning how useful taping was at the start of my taping journey, I have had some amazing results and I find myself using it more and more to improve the recovery response after each treatment I provide.

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